Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mission Organization and a Freebie!

A couple weeks back I was able to attend the MN Kindergarten Conference. There were so many fun ideas shared that I was on information overload! The ONE easy-peasy idea that I brought back was to have a bin somewhere in my classroom that will house all of the random items/papers that accumulate throughout the day. Deanna shared this tip during her Organization Station session.

I already have a bucket in my classroom that collects missing toys, manipulatives and game pieces. Every so often during Free Choice time there is a student looking for something to do. I often point them in the direction of the bucket and they get a kick out of helping put things away. It might help that they get a sticker if they find the homes for all of the items!

So, why didn't I think about having one place for all of MY things that pile up each day? I teach the children to put things away, but it isn't always so easy for me to do it while in the middle of teaching. I have decided that if I make it a cute container, I will be more likely to use it. So I created a few labels that can be printed, laminated and then added to the side of a bin or basket. Now all of my things will go in there and I will NOT leave school until they are put away. Wish me luck! I hope that you will also find it useful!

Oh, and stay tuned for something super fun tomorrow! :) 

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