Saturday, June 22, 2013

I Can Hardly Wait!

I am so excited for this coming week! Three of my favorite girls and I will be going to the conference for Minnesota Pre-K and K Teachers. There are so many reasons why I am excited...
- Great Presenters - Jack Hartmann and Deanna Jump with be there
- New and exciting ideas to use in my classroom
- The chance to collaborate with other K teachers
- Girl time (love this!)
and of course the best part...
- Vendors, vendors, vendors! 

I always come back from these conferences with such amazing ideas. One of Deanna's sessions that I am attending is entitled, "How to Create More Time & Space - Through Organization." Maybe this session will help me tackle the paper monster that takes over my classroom each year. It seems like no matter what I do I end up with papers everywhere. That will NOT happen to me this year! :) I have already spent 3 days of summer break re-filing papers in my classroom. Hopefully a new system will help me stay on top of it! 

Some of the other sessions that I will be attending are:
- Fun with Writing: Mini-Lessons in PreK & K!
- Executive Kindergarten: Promoting Independence
- Intervene & Adjust - with Precision!
- Every 1 Counts: Music & Movement for Math Mastery
- Jump Right In! Integrating Math, Reading, Writing & Fun!
- Fire Up Common Core Literacy with Nonfiction
- Detectives in the Classroom: Digging Deep & Thinking Critically

Since there are 4 of us attending we decided to divide the sessions up so that we could each attend our "must have" sessions, but we could spread ourselves out to get even more ideas. I can't wait to go and I especially can't wait to share new ideas! 

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