Monday, November 30, 2015

Special Delivery

We had a special delivery from the North Pole today! Each year I try to make the experience just a little more fun than the last year. I'm not sure why I get so excited other than the fact it is fun to see their expressions when a package comes from the REAL North Pole! 

So... last night I hid our little elf in the classroom and then went home to wrap up the package containing a letter from Santa and the Elf on the Shelf book. I always wrap the book in separate paper so that it is even more exciting. I found Elf on the Shelf wrapping paper last year for 50% off after Christmas. I'll be able to use it for years to come! After I carefully place everything in the box surrounded by tissue paper I wrapped up the entire box in fun wrapping paper and ribbon/string. Then I add our address and, most importantly, the return address of "THE NORTH POLE". You can't forget that step! I took the above picture before I brought the package to school. Once I arrived I sprayed a little spray adhesive and added translucent glitter to make it look frosty - this is something that the students never miss. They love the sparkles, and so do I! Then it was time for one last step... I placed the box into the freezer and waited. 

When the students went for a bathroom break I quickly ran up to the office and dropped off the freshly chilled box with the secretary. She called the room a few minutes later and announced that we had a delivery. I sent our Star of the Week up to the office to pick it up. The first thing he said when he walked back into the classroom was, "I don't know what it is, but it's really cold!"

The kids were so excited!

After we all had a chance to touch the box and the "frost" on the top, we decided it was time to open it up. There wasn't a noise in the room as I carefully unwrapped the parcel. You could have heard a pin drop! I took out the note from Santa and read it aloud to my kiddos. Then we passed around the book wrapped in the adorable Elf on the Shelf paper. They all commented on how cold the book felt. It must have really come from the North Pole if it was that cold!

 After reading the note and the story we looked for our elf. He was hiding up on top of the cabinets in the wagon with two new friends. He seemed very friendly. We decided that it was time to name our elf. We shared our ideas and after some silly and some nice suggestions we narrowed it down to a smaller list. Our choices were Elfie, Buddy, Cool Man, or Donut. We left a note for him and asked him to choose which name he liked the best. We can't wait to see which name he picked! I think he looks like a "Buddy!"

Stop by again soon to see what other adventures we have with our new little friend!

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