Sunday, May 11, 2014

Only One Day Left!

There is only one day left to enter and win over $100 worth of products from Creative Teaching Press! Have you entered yet? Did you know that some of the entries can be done on a daily basis? Make sure you check it out at the end of today's post! 

Today we are going to move away from classroom decor and management and onto something that I am very passionate about... BOOKS! I don't know about you, but I have the hardest time finding Kindergarten appropriate books that teach about holidays. I'm not just talking about Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, etc. I'm talking about Patriotic Holidays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day... These are the holidays that are almost impossible to find a simple, yet accurate, book to use in a lesson. At least they were until NOW! 

Check these out! 

Creative Teaching Press has this awesome set of 12 books that cover the following holidays/events:
Cinco de Mayo
President's Day
Valentine's Day
Mother's Day
Father's Day
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Chinese New Year
Patriotic Holidays

The books are perfect for reading aloud to the students and then putting into the classroom library. Many of my students are able to read the words on their own. 

Want to take a peek inside? This is the book we just used last week when discussing Mother's Day. 

Since we aren't in school for Father's Day, we read that book too! :) 

As much as I loved these two books, my favorite book from the set is the book about Patriotic Holidays. It gives a brief description of each holiday and has vivid pictures depicting the reason behind the holiday. The book covers Labor Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July, and Veteran's Day. Here's a quick peek inside! 

So are you ready to try and win a set? Here's your chance! 


  1. I would absolutely love having books to teach the more difficult holidays to explain. I've noticed that the holidays that don't supply presents or fun decorations are often difficult for a child to understand why we celebrate it. These would be fantastic!

  2. This is a fabulous set. If I don't win, I'm ordering it! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. Whoops! Didn't respond properly to that one. Guess I'd better use them to teach ME how to read for details. I would use these, of course, in my social studies/cultural studies, but I think they would be terrific for compare/contrast activities, writer's crafting for memory stories, and for calendar time, too.

  4. My favourite Social Studies unit for Grade 2 is "Traditions and Celebrations," so this set of books would be absolutely PERFECT!!! I always like to have non-fiction materials on the Science and Social Studies topics for the kidlettes to read on hand!! Thank you for your generosity and for considering me =).

  5. I would use to read aloud for information and then put them in the class library!

  6. Please feel free to check out my blog I just started.