Monday, August 13, 2012

Really? 2AM again?

So my beautiful baby girl (I call her Boo since she was born on Halloween) has pretty much always been a great sleeper... until this week. I'm not sure what has been happening, but she is now waking at least 3 times at night. I've been researching it and some experts believe that when children reach a developmental milestone they regress in their sleep habits. She did start crawling last week, so if "they" are correct, that could be it. She is also teething so that could be part of it too. AND she has been eating like crazy - growth spurt? Add it all together and this mommy is tired, yet wide awake at 2AM. 

So, what am I doing? Checking out TPT, TN, Pinterest and of course other teacher blogs. I was thinking about back to school and forms that I need to prepare for my students. I thought I would share some with you here. 

The first is my photo permission form that I send home with all families. I require all families to sign a form granting me permission to use their child's photo throughout the school year as well as on our website. My original form has our class website listed, but I have removed that portion so you can use it for your students. 

Click here for the free form!

Oh... and guess who is up again!? I'll update more forms tomorrow. Thank you for stopping in and visiting my little blog!

- Anna -

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